“We work hard on healing but the prevention is always better than cure”–Contemporary Chinese Therapy

Our Services & Prices

One-off Registration & Admin Fee - £10
If you just want a massage this fee does not apply!

Full Consultation & Health Advice (If requested) - £50
Review your case history, a full Traditional Chinese Medicine examination and diagnosis with our specialists, treatment plan information, acupuncture and herbal prescriptions, along with health and diet advice.

Acupuncture  w/ Infrared Heat Lamp
- £30 per 30min session
- £55 per 60min session
Buy 5 sessions get 1 free!

Acupuncture & Medical Massage
- £65 per session (60 mins)
Buy 5 sessions get 1 free!

Tuina - Deep Tissue Massage
£35 for Shoulder, neck and back (30 mins)
£65 for Full Body (60 mins)

Reflexology - Foot massage
£30 for 30 mins / £60 for 60 mins

Moxibustion - (Traditional therapy utilizing moxa)
£35 per 30min session / £65 per 60min session

Fire Cupping - £20 per session

Ear Points - £20 per session
(helps stop smoking and releases stress)

Ear Candling
£20 with ear clean done by practitioner

Chinese Herbal Medicine - from £12 per day
Our Chinese Herbal Medicine is freshly prepared and cooked by us in easy-to-use daily packets. There is no need to cook the Herbs yourself!

We also offer a range of Chinese Herbal Products and specialist Teas for: Weight Management, Quitting Smoking, Tiredness, Insomina, Blood Pressure & Hypertension.


Caroline (Lin) Cai, Head Practitioner
MSc, BSc (UK), BM (Beijing), MRSM, MBAcC, MFTCMP, Exec.WFCMS (Tumor)

Fertility treatment

Initial Consultation (Natural or IVF support)
- £100 per session (approx. 45 mins)

Acupuncture Support Programme (during IVF)
4 sessions package by Caroline Cai - £370
1) During FSH injection, before embryos transfer
2) Embryos transfer day
3) 4 days after the transfer
4) 6 days after the transfer

Special Fertility Support Programme (Natural)
Acupuncture (advanced specialist Qi acupuncture), Medical Massage & Herbal Moxibustion
- All treatments by Caroline Cai - £120 per session
- Acupuncture by Caroline Cai, Medical Massage & Herbal Moxibustion by other practitioner - £85 per session
- by practitioner following Caroline's programme - £65 per session

Paediatrics & Special Medical Conditions

- £80 per session (approx. 1 hour)

Specialist Acupuncture by Caroline Cai
- £50 per 30min session
- £90 per 60min session

Advanced Specialist Chinese Medical Qigong - One to One Class with Caroline Cai
- £120 per session

If you wish to be treated by Caroline Cai please request this when you call to book.

Cancellation policy

If you are unable to keep your appointment, 24 hours notice of cancellation is kindly requested, as we often have a waiting list and someone else may be able to take your appointment. If you do not give 24 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge for the missed appointment.

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