Fertility Specialist

Infertility Treatment, Fertility Support for Natural Conception, IVF assisted conception & Pregnancy for Women and Men.

Head Practitioner, Caroline Cai is a specialist in Fertility, Infertility and conditions such as, PCOS, Endometriosis, Recurrent Miscarriage and Sperm quality. She is very experienced in all areas of Reproductive Health TCM and she will closely supervise, support and advise in all aspects of your treatment with us.

"If I said thank you to you every day for the rest of my life, I would still never be able to thank you enough. You took the pain away the awful pain I was sufferring from for so many years and most of all- for helping to give me the one thing Paul and I wanted most than anything in the world- our beloved child."– Mrs. R.M


"I am currently aged 42 and in the second trimester of a healthy pregnancy after IVF treatment. I have no doubt that without Caroline's help, I would not be pregnant. I had read about Chinese medicine improving fertility but was skeptical at first, especially about the idea of taking herbs. However, under Caroline's care my fertility vastly improved and I was completely won over. I now believe wholeheartedly in the effectiveness of Chinese medicine. For Caroline, Chinese medicine is a calling and her enthusiasm is infectious. She's constantly learning about new techniques and innovations. She listens and is always ready to explain things in an accessible way or discuss different options. I would recommend Caroline to anyone who wants to improve their fertility."– A

"Having tried for almost a three years to become pregnant, I turned to Chinese Medicine as a last resort before embarking on IVF treatment. After a 6 week course of accupuncture, massage and Chinese teas — I'm pregnant!! I can't thank you enough!"– Z

"My physiotherapist recommended Caroline as she is well known in the field and teach other professionals. My encounter with Caroline totally changed my health and life beyond imagination. I have never tried acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herb tea, etc in the past, but it was the best and most effective treatment I have ever come across. I can’t thank her enough and can’t wait to see my baby girl in one month! Highly recommended."– Mrs. M.H. (44 yrs)

Caroline (Lin) Cai, Head Practitioner
MSc, BSc (UK), BM (Beijing), MRSM, MBAcC, Exec.WFCMS (Tumor)

Caroline (Lin) Cai

Caroline is an Expert Practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with over 29 years experience of treating and helping people. She is a highly skilled Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Tuina Masseuse.

Caroline’s unique TCM holistic approach to Fertility:

  • Quality and “power” of Sperm
  • Quality and “power” of Egg
  • Nurturing the internal environment of uterus
  • Quality and quantity of Blood
  • Emotion Management
  • Optimal Chinese medical diet and lifestyle for fertility

Fertility treatment

Initial Consultation (Natural or IVF support)
- £120 per person (45 mins approx.)
Acupuncture Support Programme (during IVF)
by Caroline Cai

- £90 per session (50 mins approx.)
- or £320 for 4 treatment package
1) During FSH injection, before embryos transfer
2) Embryos transfer day
3) 4 days after the transfer
4) 6 days after the transfer

Case Study: Recurrent Miscarriage

Achieved Pregnancy from IVF in week 5. However, very stressed and worried, over thinking and scared that she might lose the pregnancy. Her previous miscarriages occurred at week 7 and 9. She was introduced to Caroline, as she had been told that she could help her with her TCM pregnancy support by a TCM doctor from Portugal. After taking Caroline's holistic treatment advice, covering: special diet, resting, and many weeks of herbal medicine, she successfully gave birth to a baby girl — even though she had watery bleeding a few times!

Caroline's tips for recurrent miscarriage: Special diet for nourishment, resting, stay relax and calm, special herbal remedy.

"Caroline I just wanted to let you know that our daughter was born on 14/9/16 (at 30 weeks and 2 days). She is doing well and gaining weight. She is in Kingston Hospital and we can't wait until she can come home! Thank you for all your help. What a journey! xx"– S.G