thank you cards

"After I injured my tendons in my right elbow earlier in the year I consulted Contemporary Chinese Therapy. After receiving 2 months treatments with acupuncture and Deep Tissue Massage I am fully back to do all movements including sports. I can highly recommend them"– Dr V.K

"1000x better now after my 6th treatment. Caroline and her team have done an amazing job resolving my health issues: I sleep right through the night! I wake with no headaches! My neck is relaxed with no pain! - Thank You!! "– Ms. L.F

"Having tried for almost a three years to become pregnant, I turned to Chinese Medicine as a last resort before embarking on IVF treatment. After a 6 week course of accupuncture, massage and Chinese teas — I'm pregnant!! I can't thank you enough!"– Z (Thank you card)

"Came in a huge amount of pain. After the 1st session, I can feel a difference already. Wish that I had come ages ago."– Ms. T.S

"An excellent treatment. Really knowledgable and friendly."– Mr. M.H

"I had diabetes for 2 years. My blood sugar has reduced from 11.7 to 7 after being treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine. My high blood pressure also has been much better"– Mr. K.M

"Such a good experience. The therapy is very relaxing and helped me to get back to my normal routine life. Very happy and satisfied."– Ms. M.J

"I am 100% convinced that chinese contemporary clinic contributed fully to the cure of my headache, and fully recommend them. Well done and thanks again"– Director J.K

"I am a professional footballer at Fulham FC and I play for the U18s. I've experienced lower back pain for most of my life and began noticing it more when playing fulltime a year ago. Ever since having regular acupuncture and massage I've noticed big improvements in my back and it's hurting much less nowadays."– M.F

"I feel like a new energetic person after being treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine"– Ms. A.v.T

"I am 24 and a nursing student. I suffer with back pain, lower back pain being the main issue. I had 30/40 mins of acupuncture, the therapist asked me what my problems were and other questions like how is my sleep, etc. Heat lamps were put on my back whilst the acupuncture was happening, afterwards the therapist gave me a medical massage which was very good assessing the whole back. My back and lower back feels much better and looser."– Ms N.W

"I had a muscles spasm in my lower back from an injury at the gym. I was in so much pain, it seemed as though all the muscles in my lower back has seized up. I went to see a physio for two session to ease the pain however the pain just kept coming back. I came for acupunture and I felt results straight away. With acupuncture the swelling in my lower back went down straight away and I was able to walk around go back to work the next day. I believe that without it my recovery time would have been much longer."– A M

"2 years of lower back pain. I have consulted chiropractors and physios but have had only temporary relief. Since completing a course of acupuncture for my lower back I have been pain free for 2 months"– Ms. S.B

"I am an accountant, work in the City, and spend long hours in front of the computer throughout the week. For years I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pains. I feel a distinct and unmistakable improvement after each session. I would recommend Contemporary Chinese Therapy"– Ms S.Z

"Been coming to the Clinic for 5/6 years. My problem always get solved. The treatment is very special can't speak highly enough. I have recommended your clinic to many of my friends who say they were very pleased and also recommended you."– J.C

"Yesterday I completed the London Marathon in 4 hours and 13 mins, and it's thanks to you that I did! Had it not been for your miracle work on my legs, curing me of my injury, I don't think I would've been able to go through with it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!! No doubt I will continue to use your services as and when I need to!"– Y (Thank you card)

"I felt relief immediately and decided to continue my treatment until I no longer had stomach pain. Today I am pain free and I also have the knowledge to keep my whole body healthy."– Ms. A.C

"This place is a real find! The best deep tissue massage i've had and very effective acupuncture! They really know their stuff and are very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them!"– SD (web review)

"Great Service, lots of advice given. Very relaxing."– Ms. C.M

thank you from Lila